Happy November!

Hello, my lovely readers! How’s November going for ya? Anyone playing in NaNoWriMo? I know it can be a tumultuous time for a lot of writers, but NaNo will always have my heart. I met my dearest friends six years ago at write-ins and they’ve changed my life for the better.

It’s not just the people though. It’s how NaNo changes my day-to-day. I scramble desperately to make word count, scribbling out a few thoughts at lunch, surrender all my creativity to the Narrative, tempt caffeine poisoning with a near infinite amount of coffee–it’s a glimpse of the life I truly want. I’ve been writing for more years than I can count, at this point. Recently, self-publishing my first novella has stoked that spark into a conflagration. I’m going to be a full-time writer. And you, lovely reader, will be a part of that. Thank you.

I love writing romance more than anything else. For NaNo, I’m working on two novellas for two new series. The first is “Lost in the Dark,” a vampire paranormal romance scheduled to release in January 2019. Second is “Saved by the Billionaire Dragons,” a menage dragon shifter romance scheduled to release in February 2019. I’ve got an ambitious publishing plan, but I am thirsty for this life. I believe in me.

NaNo will press on. If you don’t make word count, if you don’t hit 50,000 words, I am so proud of you. Proud of both of us. A lot of years, I didn’t make it to 50k or my story spiraled out of control. But each word brought me closer to where I am now–and I truly believe this is where I’m meant to be.

So, hang in there. You never know what NaNo will bring.

November Suggestions!

Reading: “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert–great inspiration to unlock your creative passion
“2k to 10k” by Rachel Aaron–a fantastic writing guide, worth every penny

Playing: “Where the Water Tastes Like Wine”–a unique and enthralling game about the power of stories; perfect for November!

Watching: “Were the World Mine”–okay, I’m not just suggesting this because I love glitter (though I do), this is a great modernization of Shakespeare and example of how a narrative can be flipped around to tell a new story

Listening: “How Far I’ll Go”–someday, you’ll know…

Good luck, writers and readers! I’ll see you soon.

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