NaNo Prep: Week Two

This week we’re going for some silly fun! Ever since I was a kid, I loved the idea of muses. The idea that creatives everywhere have a Being to guide their endeavors was so romantic. What a wonderful idea that there was someone out there to bring me inspiration…and someone to blame my writer’s block on! šŸ˜‚

In this exercise, we’re going to design our own muse! Someone to walk beside us through our November endeavors. Someone to talk about plot threads and dialogue with. Someone to yell at when it’s 10 at night and you haven’t hit word count for the day.

It’s an easier process than you might imagine to discover your muse–just takes a little imagination. Using the worksheet, think of the qualities you need your muse to have and fill them in the provided spaces. Here’s some examples:
Heart–compassion, romance, hope, faith
Head–plotting & planning, cunning, logic, inspiration
Hands–comfort, shaping ideas, working, hugs
Voice–telling stories, speaking truth, declaring love, pride

If you’re artistically inclined, feel free to draw a little picture of your muse, whomever they may be. If drawing isn’t a skill you’ve developed or you don’t have the time, may I suggest the wonders of picrew! There are so many different styles of art to choose from and it’s a delight to play with. (Bonus tip: design your story’s characters in picrew, too! Keep them in the sidelines to cheer on your muse.) Make sure to give the artist full credit for whoever you make and follow their guidelines. The one I’m showing in the example below is from this picrew by Twitter user @poika_.

Well done!
You’ve made a mythic entity.

Now, the last step, give them a name and a title. They could be Ash, the Fiery Inspirer. Or Annabelle, the Matchmaker. Whoever you need them to be.

If you feel like sharing your muse, I’d love to meet them! Find me on Twitter @HolidayCass. This worksheet, and the rest, are available in both high contrast and low contrast. Join me again next week for some haberdashery!

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New decade, new updates

It’s funny how often journeys can start. You make a decision. You start a new path. For a little while you’re dedicated and on task and riding high on how proud of yourself you are. And then something comes along and you get delayed. And then life keeps happening and you get discouraged. And then you blink and six months have gone by and you haven’t made any progress on this journey you started. And then you wonder where you lost the path and you try to go back but the sun is starting to set and it’s harder to find where you left off. So you set up camp and sleep restlessly through the night and hope you can find your way again in the morning.

It’s morning now.

The nice thing about starting over is that it’s easier than starting from scratch. I may have lost momentum, but now I know a little better what I’m doing. I have two active projects that I’m focused on: the second book of the Animus Security series; and a the first book in my Haunted Love Stories series. I love shifter romances and I always will–but this new series lets a little more of my own personality through and that makes me pretty happy.

It’s an interesting shift–pun not intended–in writing love stories that are fun, sexy adventures versus stories that hug the little broken parts of your own heart. Hopefully, my stories hug your hearts, too.

To my lovely readers and my courageous writers, keep on searching for your own paths, even when the way is dark. I’ll do my best to be back with more news soon. ā¤